Friday, July 16, 2010

Parents ~ Family Priorities

Dear Ones ~

It's been quite a month! A real emotional roller coaster ride as we encouraged and facilitated the move of my dear mother-in-law to a senior apartment complex after 40+ years in her home. It was my task to declutter and organize her belongings, select the "treasures" that would make the move with her, clean/wash these precious things and linens, pack the boxes, clean the messes, soothe her aching heart and encourage her each step of the way that she had made the right decision. It is a scary transition of stepping into the unknown, both for her and for us as we had no idea how she might adjust. An arduous task to say the least.

My life has literally been on hold for this past month. When I wasn't with her, I was still caring for my grandchildren on our weekly play date. And when I wasn't with any of them, I was asleep with exhaustion. I realize now, that my own emotions came into play as I packed up a lifetime of happy memories of holidays spent in her home and of all the good times that we have shared. I have been blessed with a wonderful relationship with "Oma". She treated me like the dear daughter that she had always longed for and never had until I married her only son. She has been a "dear one" all of my adult life and this work was all a labor of love.

I am happy to report that last night (after only 2 nights and 11/2 days in her new place) she called to say good-night and tell us "don't worry about me kids. I am not lonely and I am NOT bored!" There is so much to do in her new environment that after living alone for over a decade, she is making new friends and finding a new lease on life. I couldn't be happier for her. It came as an answer to my prayers. I knew in my heart that this was the right decision, I am just very pleased that the confirmation came along so soon in the process.  Happy Days are here again and I am pleased to have my life back to begin playing in my studio once again.

Until next time ~
Live your Light!