Sunday, May 30, 2010

Technology CRASH!

Dear Ones,

Nobody knows the trouble I've found - - - - la de da da  da- - -
It's been almost two weeks since my pc developed a virus and all came crashing down on me. Whew! Who knew how much I have grown to depend on this little device? I realized too late that my entire life is housed in the files on this computer. After all the productivity classes and get organized classes that I have taken in the past few months and years, I was amazed at how challenged my life became without the electronic task list and contact lists to keep me on task. It's been one AHA! moment after another.

The good news is that now that my pc is back home, it has a whole new hard drive and operating system to keep things very up to date and state of the art. Now the task at hand is learning to use the new programs and upload all the information that has been stored on the exterior hard drive which was my back up. And thanks to my pal Tim at Meathead Computers in beautiful downtown Delafield, I now have a new lease on life.The difficult news is that there is just so much to learn with the newly uploaded programs and features of Windows 7. With the Flourish Studios Exhibit coming up in a few short weeks, I could get very overwhelmed if I allowed myself to go there in my thoughts.

Time to get back to work playing with the new programs and finding my way around here. Hopefully, I will feel technically saavy soon. Stay tuned for more insights and hopefully blessings coming this way.

Until next time ~ Live your Light,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Michelle's LoveLight

I was recently commissioned to create a memorial LoveLight. The project consisted of creating a mandala featuring the name Michelle. It was to be presented to her parents, so their hand prints were embedded into the design. Then as a special gift, her eight siblings were to be presented with a 'limited edition'. I was given tracings of the siblings along with the parents hand prints and a batik 'tie dyed' effect fabric was selected. Then my work began.

I started by making a stencil of the name Michelle. I do this on folded freezer paper. When the stencil is unfolded, snowflake style, it reveals a design that is unique to the name. The stencil is then pressed into place on the fabric and the design painted. Colors are selected intuitively. When the stencil is removed from the fabric, I am always completely surprised by the design that is revealed. After drying for a day or two, the design is ready to be layered and stitched with decorative metallic threads. Again, I intuitively work with the color selection and placement of the stitches in the design. I can't really explain how this is done. It is a leap of faith, every time a new LoveLight is created. I simply give myself over to the project and do the next step that presents itself. Not much thinking goes into this practice as I allow the piece to speak to me and tell me what it next wants for it's completion.

To create a 'limited edition', a photo image is taken of the completed piece before the hand prints are stitched into place. Then I print the image on fabric, layer it with batting and backing fabric, and stitch over the quilting lines of the original design. I was then able to trace and stitch each individual hand print of the siblings to give each their own unique mandala of the original design. This technique makes a truly personalized, unique gift for the recipient. The pieces are then signed, dated, and framed.

I delivered the commission this week and am waiting for the comments from the family and friends. Hopefully, they will be touched by the work of my hands and their spirits lifted with the healing color mandalas. At least, that is my prayer.

Until next time ~ Live your Light.