Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kevin's Star

The family gathered.  The gifts were exchanged.   Now that we have had our Annual Family Christmas Celebration, I can reveal the LoveLight that was consuming my time and energy for the past few weeks. 'Kevin's Star' LoveLight was created as my gift to my youngest sibling which was well received with rave reviews.

Inspiration actually can take months for me to incubate.  I get an idea, sleep on it, roll it over in my mind, add a few details, roll it over again and probably sleep on it several more times before it finally comes together in a matter of hours or days.  When I think about this, it is very much like incubating a baby.  There is the moment when you realize that a new creature is waiting to be born.  Then comes the planning and preparation and waiting, . . . the dreaming of how it will look and thinking of names before the perfect moment of birth has arrived.  Then there is no stopping the "idea" from presenting itself in the physical form.
Music appreciation is a thread that plays throughout our family.  My grandparents were all musically talented.  Dad played the violin and piano following in his folks footsteps and the genes were passed down to my baby brother who plays keyboards in a local band to his heart's delight.   It was only natural that a musical theme would become the inspiration for his LoveLight.   Since I view him as a rising star, the focal point of this piece is an eight pointed star with rays of light pouring out.  In personalizing my mandala designs, I often stitch an outline of a hand print or hide a name in the painted design which is true of this LoveLight.  Brittany is Kevin's daughter and the light in her dad's eye, so it was an easy design detail to include her name along with a tracing of his hand print into this mandala design.  Both the name and the hand tracing are invisible at a distance, causing the viewer to move in for a closer look. 

One morning, while still incubating this design, I awoke with this poem sounding in my mind.  I was compelled to write it down on the pad of paper that I keep on the nightstand.  Convinced that it was divinely inspired, a copy of it was affixed  to the back of the framed piece.  It reads:

                      "Kevin, my brother, is a shining star                       
With his love of music, he'll go far.
He lifts the Spirits of those he sees
when he touches the piano keys.
His love for Brittany everyone knows,
She's in his heart wherever he goes.
You are the inspiration of this LoveLight.
May it fill you with Joy
and your future by bright.
Merry Christmas 2009
Love, Kasia"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho

Just call me 'Elfie' - - - - that's how I feel these days.  You may think that I am MIA, (there's not been a post since Thanksgiving) but in actuality, I have been up to my eyebrows in "projects", year end deadlines, tying up loose ends, creating cards and gifts for holiday cheer, etc.  I walk a thin line between traditional Christmas festivities with 'must do' lists and  going with the flow of change by being present in the moment.

I absolutely LOVE this time of year.  I enjoy looking out at the Winter Wonderland while I am kept cozy inside working in the studio or in the kitchen baking cookies.  Gratefully, I am blessed with the luxury of having my Studio in my home. It allows me to deck the halls between painting a design or stitching on a new LoveLight.  The art flows freely after the pressure of deadlines to produce.  It would appear that my style of working is to think and plan for weeks and months on a new piece, working out the details in my mind before I actually set my hands on the fabrics and create the new art in a matter of hours or days.  I am very excited about the latest LoveLight that has emerged, but will not be able to share a photo with you until after the gift is received at our annual family celebration.  I find it magical the way it all comes together with an element of surprise and the feeling of awe that my hands had any part in producing the end result.  Hopefully, the recipient will feel the love and energy that went into this new piece.  I'll report in next week and let you know how it was received.

For the time being, there are cards to address and gifts to wrap.  I must still wear the 'Elfie' hat for a few more days.  However, a word from the wise ones among us, BREATHE.  When you are feeling overwhelmed by it all, remember to be present in the moment and take a few deep breaths.  'Tis the season of love and sharing while making memories for our loved ones.

Be Well ~