Friday, April 30, 2010

Technology Today

Dear Ones -
It's difficult for me to realize that I have had a web site for four years. Who could have guessed that computer illiterate me would have taken on such a challenge. But here I am, still learning, growing, blogging, and plugging away at these computer skills that have become a part of my everyday life.
With the transformation in my art focus on the circular form (mandalas), the time now seems appropriate to give the site a new look as well. Something that will reflect the illuminated circular name designs that are spinning in my creative mind's eye. Perhaps using the 'Kasia' logo that now graces my brochure, notepad and business cards, creating a personal brand.
I'm also thinking of adding a shopping cart page where framed prints of my designs could be purchased. It has occurred to me on numerous occasions that I, alone, cannot possibly supply the demand for my designs. I do currently make limited editions of commissioned LoveLights(c) for family members when a special occasion demands duplicate pieces. These "prints" are done on fabric and then stitched to reflect the intention of the original. It's a great gift idea.
Today I will be meeting with my webmaster to discuss these changes and to hear Judy's suggestions for updating the site. I'll report my findings and hopefully you will be able to view them yourself in the near future.

Until next time ~ Live your Light.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

International Quilt Festival - Rosemont, IL.

Dear Ones ~
I spent last weekend in 'Heaven'. Traveling with my friend Casey, we ventured to the Douglas E. Stevens    Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois where we exhausted ourselves with 'eye candy' for the quilter. The 2010 International Quilt Festival is home to hundreds of quilts and art quilts on display along with an exhibitors floor that we walked for miles!
UNBELIEVABLE, AWESOME, EXQUISITE - are just some of the words that could describe the experience. There is just so much talent out there! It was exciting to see so many familiar names attached to the beautiful works. And of course, IQF is like a reunion when we get to reconnect with our peers and exchange stories, photos, postcards, and techniques. It's just the best time ever!
Equally thrilling for me is the exhibitors section. You must know what a gadget girl I am! Seeing all the latest notions and beautiful embellishments and threads are enough to make me weak in the knees. But I managed to stay on my feet and walk the miles of booths 'window shopping' for the perfect notions to use in my LoveLights. My first stop was to Laura Murray's booth where I purchased Paintstiks and more small
brushes. Next, I was on the hunt for the crystals that are a central focus feature of my art pieces. I found a source that will be able to supply me with the difficult to find larger crystals.

And then thrill of thrills, I rediscovered Hula Hoops hand dyed cotton fabrics by Stacy Michell of Shades Textiles. Years ago, I purchased some pieces from this artist that were the perfect foundations of my labyrinth series. I had lost the contact information, so am very pleased to have reconnected with her for future LoveLight foundations. Score!
Now it's time to roll up my sleeves and get into the studio to PLAY with my "finds". Yippee!

Until next time~
Live your Light.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clean Spice Cabinet - Check

Dear Ones,
This week I cleaned out the spice cabinet. All the outdated spices and empty jars were tossed in the garbage.  The activity was very freeing and it allowed me to check another task off the list. What does this have to do with ART? I am reporting this to you as a way of explaining how delicate the creative ego can be. When my "things" are in chaos, or there are too many details on my mind, I find that I become immobilized. I simply cannot go into the studio and be creative. Tasks become creative blockages. It's as simple as that. But I am happy to report that I found the answer to this problem and am now more productive than ever before.

I met Leslie Shreve on the internet nearly a year ago through my association with Alyson Stanfield's classes. Leslie offered a 'Productivity - Get in the Driver's Seat' workshop online that taught me how to use electronic task lists, otherwise known as the Outlook program on my computer. That class was a revelation to me. I have always been a "to do list" maker, but like Leslie predicted, my lists were scattered on the nightstand, in my purse, on the desk, etc. By using her methods of organizing and prioritizing the things that I must do in a day, I have learned to relax a little and to rely on the reminders that pop up on my pc. No matter what your occupation, I just can't help but believe that you will benefit from the stress free reliance on electronic lists. Trusting the system to keep you on track is very liberating. I am wondering how I managed all these years without it?
Let's see, 'Write Blog Post', check. Now I can go play in the studio. How do you manage your day?
Love & Light,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Flourish Studios Exhibit

Dear Ones,
The excitement is building. The dates have been set for the upcoming, 'Kasia's LoveLights' exhibit. Mark your calendars. Opening night gala is Friday, June 18th, 6-8pm. The Envision Gallery is located inside Flourish Studios,  3020 N. Lincoln, Chicago, Illinois 60657.  As I have explained in a previous post, the invitation to exhibit here was a bit of a 'Godwink' to me.  I am counting the blessings! Thank you.

                                                                                     'Hamsa' (c)  2009 Kasia

The  exhibit will be a retrospective taken from the past few years work.  This is the time period where the 'LoveLights' really found their form with the hidden names and words designs. These personalized mandalas are being collected from private collections for this exclusive exhibit. And I am busy working on creating new pieces that will be seen for the first time on opening night. 'Transformation' is the inspiration for some of these new works. Several pieces will be available for purchase. The exhibit will run from June 18th thru July 17th.

Spring is in the air. The birds are singing. Enjoy your day. I'm off to the studio to play with my fabrics.

Love & Light,