Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Like It Hot

Dear Ones -
Some of you might know that I am a member of the 'Fiber Artists Coalition' that has about 20 members from the Midwest (WI, IL, MI, IN) area. We artists have come together to support each other and to find venues where we can show and share our art.

An upcoming new exhibit is 'Some Like It Hot' which opens on September 4th, 2010 at Simply Chicago Art, 1318 Oakton Street, Evanston, Il. The exhibit runs through Sept. 26, 2010. For more information: http://www.simplychicagoart.com/

I will be represented with 'Gaia ~ Fire & Water', which is 16" x 20" and retails for $1275. It is my hope that you will be moved to see this exhibit and that your spirit will be touched by the energy of this exciting art.

If you are interested in meeting some of my artist friends, you can check us out on our website at http://www.fiberartistscoalition.com/ .

Until next time ~ Live your Light!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

'Jamie Believe' Tutorial

Dear Ones ~
Today is my baby sister Jamie's birthday. She is nine years younger than me and has always been my "baby" sister. We grew up together. I rocked her when she was a toddler, and she in turn babysat for my children when the time came. We have a bond that goes deep. We have always 'been there' for each other through thick and thin. She has my unconditional love. Since I am the 'first born' in our family, I always felt the pressure of being a good example to her and the rest of my siblings. Now that we are reaching our 'golden years', it is an honor to be referred to as the 'Wisest Sister' and not the oldest. It is our family tease.

A couple of years ago, as a Christmas gift, I created this LoveLight for Jamie.  Her favorite color is blue. She had always admired an earlier piece that I created called 'Believe ~ Think Outside the Box'. (view it here by scrolling down). So I decided to create an original design that is uniquely her own mandala.

This design began with a blue cotton hand dyed spiral that represents our life's search, the journey to our 'center' and was set into the background fabric.

Next came the stencil design for her name which was cut out of lame' fabric and later bonded to the background layer.

Before her name was bonded into place, organza "light rays" were attached using metallic threads to add sparkle and illumination to the design. The piece was then layered and quilted in a circular pattern to suggest the spiral movement. The word BELIEVE was added to the top section of the piece as a gentle reminder to the viewer that we are all 'spiritual beings having a human experience.'

She accepted this gift with squeals of delight. Hopefully, she can feel the Love and Light that went into it's design and creation. It hangs in her home in a prominent place where I know that she can see it daily.

 Happy Birthday Sis, you now have the distinction of having a blog written just for you!

Until next time~
Live Your Light!