Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meeting Alyson Stanfield

Dear Ones,
I first met Alyson in the pages of her book, "I'd rather be in the studio!"  The information that she so generously shared was invaluable to me in setting up my 'trusted systems' of organization and self-promotion.  I found it so interesting in fact, that I subscribed to her weekly newsletter and blog and began putting into practice as many of the principles that she suggested that my limited time would allow.  These baby steps have resulted in my website and this blog.  In time, I signed up for her online classes and met like-minded artists via the internet.  It's been an amazing journey.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet her in person.  She is a delight.  Very knowledgeable about her subject matter and very articulate at conveying the ideas and techniques that the members of PAQA came to Racine, WI. to learn and share.  We met at the Siena Center on the shores of Lake Michigan.  The two days were filled with information and could be overwhelming if I let it.  It has taken me several days to digest the information and begin to implement some of the action items into my own venues.  Hopefully you will notice an improvement in my technique and internet presence.  

Knowing me like you do, I'm sure that you realize what a thrill it was for me when Alyson asked to have her picture taken with me!!  And of course, I am over the top to have appeared in her newsletter this week!  I think that it's another 'Godwink'.  Until next time~

Love & Light,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amazing Grace

Dear Ones,
I'm ba a ck ~ with great news of a new focus for my art and energy.  An opportunity has presented itself.  It is a dream come true and a leap of faith all rolled together.  A solo exhibit in the Chicago area!  WOW!!  Pinch me. The miracle of this new venture is that it came to me from a referral by Cathy, one of my Dearest Ones.
The dates have been set for an opening on June 18th.  Now the work begins; creating new art, deciding which current pieces to include, finishing the new brochure that has been in the works for months, and keeping my efforts focused on the end goal; Showing and Sharing my LoveLights.

'Kasia I Am' (c) 2009 Kasia

This mandala  'Kasia, I Am', is my new logo.  I intend to use it on my business cards and notepads, etc.  If you'll look closely, you will find my name in purple around the center red/purple 'I AM'.  I used the green background color for it's healing energy and fresh spring-like appeal.  Embedding names and words into the LoveLights is the focus of my newest work.  What do you think?